TESTIMONIALS       From some of our valued clients

‘Simon and Jackie have been excellent with helping me not only with my entry into the NZ employment/ contracting system but also with the setup of my new business. They are always happy to answer any questions, as well as helping me to make things more streamlined and efficient. A big important factor for me is that Simon, Jackie, and the team are super helpful in times of stress, and are equally just as present and ever-ready when things are good. The understanding, compassion, and plain good sense from these guys make them an essential component for any business owner or individual.’

Dr. Kate Bickley – Chiropractor

“We have been with Jackie and Simon since day one of the opening of their new Accountancy practice. In those days we were a small two-person company, struggling like most small companies to stay ahead of the bills. I honestly have to say that Accountancy At Altitude has been instrumental in assisting us to reach the point that we are at today. Our Business has grown to the point the staff size has increased and we now have several different areas that make up the company including our overseas business wedding business. A lot of that growth has been with Accountancy At Altitude’s valuable guidance and the fact that we can call on them at any time to get advice or help. Approachable, helpful, friendly and fantastic. That is Accountancy At Altitude.”

Wayne & Jan Johnson – Aspiring Photography

I arrived in New Zealand in 1992 as a backpacker from the UK.  I met and later married my husband and business partner Dave Hall and together we realized they had a skill set between us that could make owning and operating our own Skydiving drop zone happen.

Every year after that – with the help of an amazing team and very sharp accounting advice – our business grew.  In 2007 Skydive Lake Wanaka was a finalist in the New Zealand Tourism Industry Awards and in 2008 we won a Tourism Award.  Many hundreds of thousands of skydives later, numerous awards and still exceptional accounting advice the business was put up for sale in December 2012.  The team at Accountancy at Altitude were 100% responsible for guiding me through that process which eventuated in a successful sale.

The last 2 years have seen me closer than ever with my accountants while the wrap up of the sale finished and also made time for me to pursue my no 1 passion – art and creativity, which I hope (with the help of the best accountant ) will see me grow another successful business.

Jools Hall – Way Up High Ltd